Scott’s Family was Prepared:

As many of you know, the road to diagnosis for AD is frequently a long one. By the time my husband, Scott was diagnosed, my family and I were as prepared as a family can be to hear those words.

Scott was younger than most – he had just celebrated his 65 birthday.

I got busy and learned as much as I could, and I listened to every suggestion from anyone who would talk with me.

I took every available class, arranged for an evaluation from a Care Manager, took him for a driving assessment, read a few books, and joined the patient/caregiver support group for recently diagnosed patients at The Alzheimer’s Association.

Daily Life Wasn’t the Same

It was not long before driving and working were no longer possible for Scott, but he was far from ready to sit around all day. I work full time and cannot be home to help him fill his days.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that what Scott needed was a “Buddy!” Unfortunately, some of his friends had moved away and the rest were still working.

So I started calling… and calling… and calling. There was nothing!

Oh, I could find sitters, but that was not what Scott needed or wanted.

Shelly, Scott and Henry from Let’s Go Meet

It was many months later that I heard about Henry Watts and Let’s Go. This was exactly what I had been looking for!

Henry and I met and talked awhile about Scott. Henry asked a lot of questions so he would know what topics of conversation Scott would enjoy, what activities he likes, his favorite music, etc.

Together we worked out a plan for Scott to meet Henry. Henry’s efforts to learn about Scott made that first meeting very easy – he got Scott talking, and that was all it took!

Henry and Scott have been all over the place – museums, movies, driving ranges, restaurants, air shows, you name it! Even on days when Scott is not so happy to be with me, he is always ready to go with Henry. Just like best friends on a great adventure!

Henry’s presence in Scott’s life has been the greatest blessing I could ever receive. Once or twice a week, I know that Scott is going to be happy and enjoy life.

I look forward to him telling me all about the afternoon even though he cannot get the words out – the sparkle in his eyes and the animation in his voice tells me all I need to know.

If you are searching for help to enhance your loved one’s quality of life, I highly recommend that you call Henry. He is a caring, dedicated, thoughtful and kind person with a strong desire to make a difference in the life of Alzheimer’s patients.

~ Shelly, Scott’s Wife

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