To whom it may concern,

I want to commend Henry F Watts, Jr and his “Let’s Go!” program for your consideration. As a church leader, I am excited to see persons initiate serious comitment to caring for others. I have known Henry for seven years and observed the high level of faithful attention he showed to his mother during the duration of her illness.

Henry enlisted my help once in trying to do soething for his other who was in Greater Columbia and he was in Atlanta. I contacted a church I knew which was in close proximity to Mrs. Watts, but there were no willing volunteers to be found. The frustratio of how such circumstances further isolated his mother appears to be the genesis of Henr’s “Let’s Go!” program. When we encountered was a general unwillingness to give up one’s free time to help a stranger, especially one who has an illness many find intimidating to face.

The name of his program, “Let’s Go!” is clearly about action. Henry is a man of action, and when you study his prospectus you will see he is a “proactive” man. One of the important lessons Henry learned was the value of time. When time is limited, particularly “quality” time, then action has to be prompt and intentional, or else time is lost, or worse, wasted. That is the tragedy recognized at the end of relationships, that opportunities were missed because of poor timing.

As the numbers of or elders increases with aging baby boomers reaching their sixties, the need for alternatives to institutional care or home care will likewise grow. Full time care givers who get not respite are carrying heavy responsibilities. Henry Watts, Jr. is a trustworthy upstanding man who has gained experience and knowledge about the care of one with Alzheimer’s Disease in an all too up close and personal way. Is that background which makes him a valuable component in the larger picture of caring for one with this disease.

Thank you for considering Henry Watts, Jr and his “Let’s Go!” program for those living with, and caring for ones with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Yours sincerely,

The Rev. L. Howard Maltby

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church of Lexington, SC (2009)


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