Mom Wouldn’t Except Anyone Else

We call him The Alzheimer’s Whisperer. There is no one like Henry Watts — no one. My Mom would not accept anyone else. “Thank you, but I don’t need any help. My mind is perfect!”

Henry neither looks nor acts like a caregiver. He looks like a tennis pro! But, it is not only because Henry looks like a tennis pro that my Mom let him in. Using intelligence, intuition, love, and thoughtfulness absent patronizing, Henry rocked my Mom’s world, peopled her solitude.

Meeting for the First Time

They became fast friends from Day 1. Nearly a year later, you can still hear their laughter from all the way down the hall.

Henry Watts lifted our tremendous worries. Trustworthy, reliable, punctual — we can always count on him. Most of us visit our mother almost every evening. Still, having Henry’s daily postings on how our Mom did during the day, what needs to be done, have given us peace of mind that has allowed her, for now, to stay in the secure nest of the apartment she loves.

It’s because of Henry that our mother’s singular little universe can be defined by two words: happy camper.

You will not find anyone better than Henry. And here is why: Henry saw his own mother through, beginning to end, when this thing creeped up on her and, slowly but surely, got her.

It doesn’t get better than this.

~ Elisabeth, Renee’s daughter

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