It doesn’t matter who is suffering from Dementia, they worry about the people they love.

This is an email I recieved recently from Mary about her in-laws.

Love and all of the emotions that come with our love for someone is a core human trait that even dementia can’t take away from us.

Hi Henry,

I am writing to thank you for your time, patience, expertise, and help with our dad. He really enjoys your excursions, and our mom is so grateful for the reprieve and for knowing he is having positive and enriching experiences and is safe. As you know, so much has happened in this past month, and you have been part of this successful transition. For example, when we met with¬†Rilley at the end of August, I had brought my folder, including both your books (which I had enjoying and greatly appreciating). While¬†Charles and I were working on Dad’s computer after the meeting, Mom started reading them, and she kept both! Your work helped inform her decision to secure more safety and engagement for Dad and free up her own overwhelm, worry, and responsibility so she could enjoy this time with him.

You have been a big part of this progress, Henry. As a side note, my mother-in-law is 65, and her dementia is increasing since my father-in-law has been in assisted living for his second broken hip. Your books are informing our care of her as well.

Thank you for sharing your story, experience, compassion, and expertise with so many. You do important work, and we are grateful for all the ways you have given us more time and engagement with Dad…and all the loved ones impacted by your work.


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