Henry has been a godsend to our family, and in particular to our mother. Over the past 6+ years, Henry has been present for Mom in every way while she has journeyed through the many challenges of dementia.

In the early days of Mom’s dementia, Henry was the only person she was willing to trust. He knew at the outset not to arrive with food – that would give Mom a clue that he could be a caregiver, and being fiercely independent, she wanted none of that.

As Henry continued to gain her trust, he took her on outings that meant most to Mom – mass, followed by lunch at Henri’s Bakery for her all-time favorite roast beef sandwich.

The gift Henry gave our gamily during this time was an awareness that Mom was still ‘capable’ of going on outings and truly enjoying herself, in spite of the confines dementia presented. A couple of years later, it was Henry who noticed on one of his regular visits an uptick in Mom’s level of confusion. He knew Mom needed to get to a hospital. It turned out the doctors were able to catch the onset of a major UTI before the infection advanced too far. Thank you Henry.

From this point, Mom has had a series of hospital and rehab stays, some lasting for weeks at a time. Henry has been with us every step of the way. He constantly observes Mom’s surroundings, and the care she receives, and he lets us know immediately if we need to be concerned.

Most importantly for Mom, in spite of her very advanced dementia, she still lights up when Henry walks into the room. There is no doubt she knows deep down Henry is a person she can count on to respect her, protect her, and to always be there for her as a genuine friend. What a tremendous gift Henry is to Mom, and to our family. We cannot imagine walking this difficult road without him.

~ Harper, caregiver for “Mom”

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