Available Books by Henry Watts

I’m Henry Watts and I founded Let’s Go LLC to help support caregivers.

I’d like to help more people than I have the time or manpower to do – so I wrote these books.

I didn’t have a clue what to do when my mom was diagnosed but having lived through that experience and helping 30 plus Atlanta families do the same, I have a few ideas about how to navigate through this disease and get things done.

~ Henry Watts

A Rock n' Roll Guide to Early-Stage Dementia

"A Rock 'n' Roll Guide" is a condensed version of "This Ice Cream Is Delicious" with a few less personal stories. But filled with a ton of music references interspersed to help you understand the difficulty and seriousness of this disease but also enjoy and laugh.


Ice Cream is Delicious

“A Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide” is specifically written for those (just like me) who might not want to read a self-help book but need to know basic information about how the disease affects families, how to develop your own strategies, and maximize your time and energy.

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