Caregiver of Two Family Members with Dementia

After my experience with my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, never in my lifetime did I imagine my 51-year-old brother getting dementia.

Because I’m now responsible for two members of my family with dementia, my mother and brother, this has led me to seek all possible resources. This is when I found Henry from “Let’s Go.”

Weekly Special Occasions

Because of my brother’s age I was thrilled to learn about Henry and “Let’s Go” from the Alzheimer’s Association. Henry and my brother Kevin go to the “Y” and out to lunch. Next week they are going to the IMAX.

When he visits it’s always like a special occasion!


Henry realizes the importance of a person with dementia “living in the world.” It’s such a relief for me to know Kevin is spending time with someone who genuinely “gets” him. Kevin has such an enjoyable time!

Without even realizing it, Henry’s enthusiasm and good cheer have helped me frame my experience of Alzheimer’s and dementia with my mom and brother. He has taken time and emotional energy to discuss their care. He’s not only been perfect for Kevin, he’s been a friend and available with his knowledge from years of previous experience.

I’m very thankful we met you Henry Watts!!

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