What We Do at Let's Go

We currently serve the Atlanta area but will expand in the future.

If you’re not near Atlanta, let our latest book, “A Rock n’ Roll Guide to Early-Stage Dementia“, lead your journey. It can be your resource to find ways to cope, care and excel as your loved one’s caregiver.

What We Do for You, the Caregiver

Support and Peace of Mind

The responsibilities that come with a dementia diagnosis are extensive. Let’s Go can give you a break from your daily obligations. You will know that someone you love is enjoying the day with someone who cares, someone who has been there and someone you can trust.

Plan for the Future

There are many details to consider. Let’s Go will help make the process less overwhelming with treatment options, advise family members to cope with changing circumstances and transition to assisted living.

Structured Scheduling

We know that you can’t always be there. Let’s Go will work with your family to create a schedule that will help you to continue to live your own life while managing the challenge of dementia. Structure in the early stages is going to be very important for you and your family.

Life Balance

As a caregiver, there will be times when you will need a break. It’s important to take time for yourself, pursue your interests or find something new to do. If you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you take care of someone else?

What We Do For Your Loved Ones With Dementia

Visit Family and Friends

Extending the socialization and activities of your loved ones is vital to their mental health and sense of well-being. We’ll drive to see friends, take day trips, and keep your loved one out in the world.

Volunteering: A Sense of Purpose

We can help in finding the right volunteer work for your loved one.

Keep Active

Exercise slows the advancement of dementia. We’ll help your loved one continue to be active through walking, golf, bowling, tennis or any other activity that they enjoy.

Meet Appointments

There’s no need to miss out on daily activities and scheduled events. We will help with getting there, participating, and enjoying each experience.

Art, Movies, Theater, Museums, Music and more

We’ll help your loved one maintain a connection to their hobbies and interests, or find something new to do.

Enjoy Meals and Dining Out

We will focus on proper nutrition and make meals calm, comfortable and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if it’s dining in or out. It’s the experience and moment that counts.

An Outside View of Let’s Go

The name of this program, “Let’s Go” is clearly about action. Henry is a man of action. And when you study his prospectus you will see he is a “proactive” man. One of the important lessons Henry learned was the value of time. When time is limited, particularly “quality” time, then action has to be prompt and intentional, or else time is lost, or worse, wasted. That is the tragedy recognized at the end of relationships, that opportunities were missed because of poor timing.

The Rev. L. Howard Maltby, Rector
St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Lexington, South Carolina

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