Henry’s Story & Let’s Go Founding


My Story with Dementia

When my mom was diagnosed, I was only 32, at the prime of my life yet filled with so much uncertainty – what do I do and where do I go were only a few of the many questions. I worried all the time, had doubts, and too many sleepless nights to count.

I wanted to be a good son and take care of my mom, but deep down I sincerely doubted my ability to be a caregiver.

Before Mom’s dementia set in, she lived life her way and on her terms. Then suddenly, we were faced with the greatest challenge of our lives.

Don’t allow dementia to be scary

Dementia can be hard.

The future is uncertain as small and everyday tasks may become great challenges.

There are many questions and not enough answers, but there are certain things I know first-hand that helps.

From my personal experience caring for a family member with dementia, I started Let’s Go in Atlanta, GA.

I have supported many caregivers and their loved ones with early-stage dementia.

Let’s Go LLC

Let’s Go is based on three simple things.

Open the Door, Get Out and Go.

So Let’s GO!


Let’s Open the Door!

Dementia affects the family as much as it does the individual that has it.

You might need a little help with weekly planning and get the family, friends, and maybe even a few helpful neighbors involved.

Since predictability can be a great tool for lowering anxiety, continuing existing routines and using repetition are very important.


Let’s Get Out!

Before my mother’s diagnosis, she enjoyed getting out of the house to see friends and pursue interests. Remember, she lived life her way and it had a great influence on my life.

After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the sense of time was shortened and I realized our time together was even more important.

We continued on as best as we could with the things we enjoyed.


Let’s Go!

While it seems to me that finding a cure is so far into the future, we need to take matters into our own hands.

I go with what I know from first-hand experience. With a rational and common sense approach, we can begin helping your loved one today, with nutrition, exercise, and socialization.

The name “Let’s Go” says it all.

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