A recent dementia diagnosis in your family makes every moment even more valuable.

At Let's Go, we work with families to assist mature individuals recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the continuation of an active lifestyle. We offer the companionship and friendship that will facilitate independence and dignity for your loved one, and give you some relief from your new responsibilities as a caregiver.

Henry's understanding and experience in dealing with dementia comes from caring for his own mother, stricken with Senile Dementia, Alzheimer's type for over 7 years prior to her passing. The experience proved to be profound as well as personal. I can't think of a better person for this undertaking. Those who have lived an independent life for decades are greatly distressed by the restrictions that result from having this debilitating disease. Extending the socialization and activities of your loved ones who have historically always been on the go is vital to their mental health and sense of well-being.

Charles G. Shissias, MD
Beaufort Memorial Low Country Medical Group

My name is Henry Watts and I am a professional companion exclusively for people diagnosed with dementia.

If you are a caregiver for someone who has Alzheimer's/dementia, your burden is heavy. I know. My Mother lived with Alzheimer's for seven years until she died in October 2008. With that experience I now help families who are struggling with this devastating disease. I have cultivated relationships with Emory University, The Alzheimer's Association and countless doctors, counselors, adult day care facilities and assisted living/memory care facilities. I spend many hours a week with families struggling with dementia, helping them navigate the tremendous responsibility of care-giving and developing strategies that get their loved one out of the house and back in the action. We pursue their interests and look for adventure.

My goal is to help you know what to expect and to guide you along the way, so that your path might be less frightening than the one I found myself on sixteen years ago. Let's Go can help you make vital decisions and plan ways to keep your loved one active and engaged in life as long as possible.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Henry Watts

Henry Watts
Founder of Let’s Go, LLC.

Let us help make every minute count.

I occasionally take pictures of my clients when we are having a particularly good day or doing something special but out of respect these pictures are for my client's families only.